Nomination info for partner universities:

Please send the info of the nominated students to [email protected]


Nomination deadline autumn semester 2024-2025 is the 1st of May 2024.

Nomination deadline spring semester 2024-2025 is the 1st of November 2024.

! Nomination deadline Nursing&Midwifery (autumn and spring) is the 1st of May 2024 !


If you want to become an exchange student at VIVES University of Applied Sciences, please read the following application procedure carefully.

Part 1: Online application 2024-2025

Complete our online application form by clicking the button below. Read carefully the manual (you can find the manual above the button 'start application') before proceeding. Make sure that all mandatory fields (with a red asterisk) are filled in correctly.


Check the manual

Application deadlines

  • autumn semester: 15/05/2024
  • spring semester: 15/11/2024


Autumn semester:

  • Online preparatory session: 02/09/2024
  • Welcome Day campus Kortrijk: 16/09/2024
  • Welcome Day campus Brugge: 17/09/2024
  • VIVES Connection Day: 19/09/2023
  • Start courses: 23/09/2024
  • End courses / exams: 24/01/2025

Spring semester:

  • Online preparatory session: 20/01/2025
  • Welcome Day campus Brugge: 03/02/2025
  • Welcome Day campus Kortrijk: 04/02/2025
  • VIVES Connection Day: 08/02/2025
  • Start courses: 03-05/02/2025 (depending on the programme)
  • End courses/exams: 20/06/2025

Part 2: Learning agreement

Email your learning agreement as pdf- or word-file.


1) Ask your home institution for a template of the learning agreement and agree on which programme you’ll follow at VIVES.

Programmes for exchange students | VIVES


2) The learning agreement has to be signed by 3 parties.

  • Sign your learning agreement first
  • Ask your coordinator at your home institution to sign your learning agreement
  • Email your learning agreement to your programme coordinator at VIVES (see overview below) and ask him to review and sign it. The programme coordinator will then email the fully signed learning agreement back to you.


Overview programme coordinators at VIVES 

VIVES Business Academy campus Brugge Ms. Anna Szermuszyn [email protected]
VIVES Business Academy campus Kortrijk Ms. Stéphanie Bovie [email protected]
Applied Engineering and Technology Mr. Evert Cottyn [email protected]
FLOWS, eSociety, SPACE and Transnational social work Ms. Sabine Poleyn [email protected]
VICKIE, VICKIE English+ and VICKIE Sports+ Ms. Lien Van Eecke [email protected]
Health Care: Paramedical studies, Nursing and Midwifery Ms. Nele Vandeputte [email protected]
Biotechnology Ms. Joke Calcoen [email protected]

Learning agreement deadlines

  • autumn semester: 01/06/2024
  • spring semester: 20/11/2024


Part 3: Housing

If you want to rent a room with mediation from us, please complete the housing application before the deadline. There is a separate application procedure for housing. Please apply quickly, as the number of available rooms is limited.

Housing deadlines

  • autumn semester / full academic year: 01/06/2024
  • spring semester: 20/11/2024

Part 4: Approval and invitation letter

After your online application form and learning agreement have been checked and approved, you will receive an email and invitation letter.

Please keep in mind this can take some time.

You don't need to wait for the invitation letter to complete the housing application.

If your learning agreement is signed by the VIVES coordinator it means that you have been accepted.

Part 5: Prepare your stay

Make sure to check our welcome guide for more info about visa, insurance, public transport,... 

Students who need a visa, start your visa application in time!

Good to know is that we can offer you the service of a blocked account, for more info please email to [email protected].

Download the welcome guide of campus Kortrijk

Download the welcome guide of campus Brugge

Download the welcome guide of campus Roeselare