EPS - Erasmus Policy Statement - KHBO

In the mission statement of Catholic University of Applied Sciences Bruges – Ostend (Katholieke Hogeschool Bruges–Ostend or KHBO), the internationalisation of the programmes and curricula plays an important role. This was translated in a 3-year plan (2006/2009), and has the following international objectives:

  1. Students from every bachelor and master programme must have the opportunity to find out more about the international dimension of the professional environment they have chosen.
  2. Every bachelor and master programme must discuss its curriculum with international partners to ensure an international standard
  3. All students are given the opportunity to do part of their curriculum abroad, regardless if this involves studying and/or work placement
  4. Each bachelor and master programme encourages and organises international teaching staff mobility (incoming and outgoing)

To obtain these goals, the Lifelong Learning Programme is a necessity.

One of our main focuses is organising mobilities, embedded in the curriculum, and for all our students, be it studying or work placements, be it women or men, disabled or not, Belgian or not. We guarantee full use of the official ECTS-documents and full recognition of the results, and use the appropriate procedures, as KHBO has had years of experience in both study mobilities and work placement mobilities.

Staff mobilities are the essential basis to expand international cooperation from mobilities to more curriculum involved projects. Therefore KHBO encourages teaching staff mobilities, both to higher education institutions and work placements to maintain our European educational and business network.

These contacts stimulate lifelong learning and professionalism of both teaching staff and students. Education requires requires well-educated staff that stays in touch with the pulse of the business and research environment and ensures the high quality of the programs offered. The international exchange of staff and information will also be of great benefit for those students who do not wish to go abroad.

Membership of various international organisations also stimulates this professionalism of all staff members and induces new project ideas and projects. These goals are also the core of the long-range plan the association Catholic University Leuven, of which KHBO is an active member, has formulated, 

Continuous staff training, the joint development of international programmes and international networks of institutes of higher education combined with business and research companies, leads to a high standard university of applied sciences in the Europe of today, which prepares students for a European inspired environment.