Eduroam is an international project that stands for "EDUcational ROAMing". It is a project that allows students and staff members to connect to the internet free of charge in all the colleges and universities (including abroad) that Eduroam offers.

An overview is available on the websites or As a VIVES student or staff member, your VIVES account allows you to connect to the wireless network in other settings where Eduroam is offered.

On the eduroam information page of the institution you will find the necessary information to access their wireless network. Follow the procedure. When registering, please use [email protected] (e.g. [email protected]) and your personal password.

Eduroam for visitors

Eduroam is equipped for visitors to the VIVES campuses. The following settings allow you to connect to our wireless network. Don't forget your username and password of your own institution.

SSID: eduroam

Security Type: WPA/WPA2

Encryption type: AES

EAP type: EAP (PEAP)