VIVES DroneLab, a research facility of VIVES University of Applied Sciences in Ostend, Belgium, is a key institution for development of sustainable drone applications.

Who we are

We fly your drone application legal and efficient!

  • DroneLab originated from a manned aviation training and applied research experience in airline pilot and aircraft maintenance.
  • DroneLab is a non-profit academic platform supporting and developing the booming drone industry
  • Drone operations are an aviation activity such as operating an airline company. This requires an aviation safety mindset.


Let's do great things together!

  • Interdisciplinary education on drone related topics of university students
  • Custom made info sessions, lectures or trainings for the industry, government and organisations
  • Collaboration with industrial clusters, organisations and companies
  • Interdisciplinary projects with other expertise centers, universities and knowledge institutions
  • Solving governmental driven problems
  • Integration of society impact and sustainability impact analysis in technical solutions


Explain your problem, and we will solve it together!

  • Our huge network is open for everyone.
  • If the knowledge exists in the market, will we bring (future) drone application end-users into contact with drone service providers
  • If there is a knowledge gap, DroneLab will solve it with interdisciplinary expertise

Our research topics

Drive, connection and innovation!

  • Smart Environment: smart farming, waste monitoring, coastal protection, ...
  • Smarth Health Care: transport of medical goods, Search&Rescue, ...
  • Smart Logistics: Urban (air) mobility, offshore logistics, ...
  • Smart Construction: VR modeling based on photogrametry, building health management, ...
  • Smart Education: Blended learning, VR/AR training integration
  • Safety & Security: Training of police, customs and civil defense, drone detection, ...

What we do?

One-stop shop for your drone challenge!

  • Tailor made courses
  • Regional/national/EU projects
  • Market study and tender guidance
  • Technical/operational/legal consultancy
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Testing & validation
  • Product optimization
  • 2nd life & recycling
  • Equipment leasing

Check our activities in this summary.

How can we work together?

A solution of every type of problem!

  • Student projects
  • Internships
  • Thesis
  • Consultancy
  • Short or long term subcontracting
  • Regional-National-International project
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