Admission requirements for bachelor programmes

There are many ways you can study at VIVES University of Applied Sciences. If you're enrolled at another university or college, you can become an exchange student and follow one of our semester or full-year programmes. 

But it is also possible to enrol directly to VIVES, without being an exchange student enrolled at another university or college. VIVES offers many bachelor programmes, most of them in Dutch. The admission requirements for these programmes are different from those for our exchange programmes.

English-language bachelor programmes

For our English-language bachelor and advanced bachelor programmes, admission requirements vary depending on the programme. You can read the specific requirements on the pages of each of these programmes:

Dutch-language bachelor programmes

1. A valid diploma

The first admission requirement is a valid diploma. For more information, please contact: [email protected].

2. Knowledge of Dutch

Most of our bachelor programmes are taught in Dutch. If you have a non-Flemish diploma and you wish to apply for a Dutch-speaking programme you must be able to present a proficiency level of the Dutch language before registration, issued by a recognized language institute or a proof of success in a recognized language test. The following language levels of the certificates of acknowledged language institutes are applicable:

  • Level 5 of the ILT-KU Leuven
  • Level 5 of the KUB/HUB
  • Level 5 of the University of Antwerp
  • Level 5 of the University of Ghent
  • Vantage level 3 of the CVO (Flemish Centre for Adult Education)

The CNaVT is a language test organised by the Centre for Dutch as a Foreign Language. The CNaVT exams are organized all around the world for (young) adults who want to prove their language proficiency in Dutch with an internationally recognized certificate. This profile is specifically developed for people who want to study at a Dutch university or university of applied sciences.  Further information about this test:

The Interuniversity Test of Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages (ITDSOL) was developed by the language centres of the four Flemish universities and can be taken in one of the language centres at the dates they have set:

3. A valid passport 

VIVES does not provide scholarships for students, being enrolled at VIVES University of Applied Sciences grants you access to our student services. Among other things, we offer various types of financial support to facilitate your studies. The details are listed at this website. Contact us by email [email protected] for more information.

Required documents

Candidate students with a degree from abroad who want to study at VIVES University of Applied Sciences must submit the following documents:

  1. a copy of your international identity card;
  2. a copy of your obtained degrees, translated into one of the three national languages ​​of Belgium (Dutch, French or German) or in English. The Admissions Committee then investigates whether these degrees give access to a Bachelor's degree programme at VIVES. You must present the original and legalised diploma at registration;
  3. a copy of your language certificates, that prove that you meet the language requirements. VIVES offers (in addition to the English-taught Bachelor Business of Management and the English-taught Advanced Bachelor International Management) Dutch-language Bachelor and Advanced Bachelor programmes. Level B2 of the European reference framework is the lower limit depending on the language requirements. 

Please submit your documents using this application form:

Application form

After the Admissions Committee has received the necessary documents, an investigation will take place. Within 15 working days you will receive more information on the decision of the committee. If the results are positive, an academic letter of admission will be issued. On the basis of the academic letter of admission you can request the rest of the procedure at the Belgian embassy in the country of your official residence.

If your official residence is not in an EEA-country, this procedure can take up to six months. So be sure to start this procedure in time. For more information, please contact [email protected].

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