A tuition fee, textbooks, accommodation costs, a rail pass,… Studying costs money.  When signing up for higher education, you pay a yearly tuition fee. This tuition fee is determined by Flemish law and indexed on an annual basis. It applies to all universities and university of applied sciences in Flanders.

Tuition fees for students from the European Economic Area

The tuition fees for students of the European Economic Area (EEA) consist of a fixed registration fee and a variable fee based on the number of credit points included in the curriculum. The countries this fee applies to are all countries of the European Union (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK) and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. .

The tuition fee depends on the student’s income, study programme and on whether the student is eligible for a scholarship. At the beginning of the academic year, the fixed registration fee is charged. When your study programme is approved, you will receive an invoice for the payment of the remaining variable fee, taking your number of credit points into account. This settlement applies both to students who take courses on the campus, as to students who take correspondence courses. 

Tuition fee for diploma and credit contracts 2023-2024

  Fixed registration fee Variable fee Total 60 credits
No scholarship € 282,10 € 13,50 € 1092,10
Partial scholarship € 282,10 € 4,90 € 576,10
Full scholarship € 128,80 / € 128,80

Full scholarship (art. 57, §1)

  • You receive a full scholarship from the Flemish government for the academic year 2022-2023; or 
  • You don’t receive a full scholarship from the Flemish government because you don’t meet their conditions, but you do meet the financial and nationality requirements imposed by the university of applied sciences (EEA-citizens).

Partial scholarship (art. 57, §1)

  • You don’t receive a scholarship from the Flemish government because you don’t meet their conditions, but the family income does not exceed € 3768; or
  • You do meet the conditions of the Flemish government to receive a scholarship, except for the rateable value of your house which is too high. You also meet the necessary nationality conditions (EEA-citizens)..

No scholarship (art. 57, §1)

  • the abovementioned categories do not apply to you, but you do meet the nationality conditions (EEA-citizens).

Students who take an exam contract pay a fixed registration fee per examination period of € 128,80 and a variable fee per credit point of € 4,90.

Extra costs

Specific extra costs can be charged to the student if they are linked to the organisation of the training. We try to limit this as much as possible. 
If possible, these extra costs are clarified in the course overview of the study programme. 

Insufficient amount of learning account

Students with an insufficient amount of learning account, will be charged an increased tuition fee. For students without a scholarship, the variable fee will be doubled per credit for which the student has no sufficient amount of learning account. 

Advanced bachelor and postgraduate programmes

Whether a student has a scholarship or not, this has no influence on the tuition fees for the advanced bachelor and postgraduate programmes. 

Students taking an advanced bachelor programme pay the same tuition fee as students who are taking an initial bachelor programme without a scholarship. There are however other tuition fees for the postgraduate programmes. These fees are determined by the organiser. A student who prematurely interrupts his postgraduate programme has no right to any reimbursement of the tuition fee. The reimbursement conditions are the same for students who prematurely interrupt their bachelor after bachelor programme and initial bachelor programme.

Tuition fees for students from other parts of the world

For students from outside of the European Economic Area, different tuition fees apply. 

For the Bachelors of Business ManagementHotel Management - Specialisation Culinary ArtsHotel Management - Specialisation Hospitality Management, Aviation and Advanced Bachelor International Management:


  • fixed registration fee: 1500 euro
  • variable fee: 56,67 euro for each credit


  • fixed registration fee: 1500 euro
  • variable fee: 83,33 euro for each credit

Being enrolled at VIVES University of Applied Sciences gives you access to student services. This consists of the housing service, psychological assistance and sports and culture (Home | Stuvoloods).
However, as a non-EEA student you are not eligible for any financial aid from STUVO, except if you meet the nationality requirements by analogy with the legislation on study grants. These conditions can be found on the website www.centenvoorstudenten.be.
Only if you meet the nationality conditions, it is possible to make an appointment with the social service for financial support. 
If you have questions you can contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or have a look at www.centenvoorstudenten.be for more information.

Payment at the time of enrolment? 

After enrolling, you will receive an invoice to pay for the fixed registration fee by bank transfer. No cash payment is accepted.

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