Cities of Art

For a small country, Belgium has a remarkable number of cities of art: Bruges, Brussels, Kortrijk, Antwerp, Ghent … Each of these cities has a lot in store for you, and is a choice destination for a city trip.

Do you like the idea of coming face to face with the paintings of Rubens, Ensor or Van Eyck in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, or do you want to go straight to the Rubens House Museum? Or does a visit to the house of the Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta, in Brussels, sound more appealing? Or maybe you would prefer to simply stroll through the picturesque little streets of Bruges. 

All cities of art in Belgium have plenty of diverse and qualitative things to do to ensure that your stay there is an agreeable one.  What's more, this not only applies to museums and monuments. After a visit to the museum, you and your friends can take an enchanting stroll through our beautiful city parks and historical city centers.

When in Antwerp, you can explore the old city centre in a horse-drawn carriage. In Bruges, a boat trip along the Bruges canals will leave a lasting impression. In Kortrijk, discover our rich history by the riverside, enjoy the view of the boats passing by while sipping a cool beer in one of the many outdoor pubs and take in the sights (like the medieval Broel Towers). In the evening, prepare yourself for a dazzling night out in the convivial surroundings of our world-famous pubs.

No matter the season our cities are always filled with music, theatre, food and art festivals. And because everything is nearby in Belgium, there is always a new event lurking close-at-hand.