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You might wonder: why should I go to Roeselare to study?  At first, you might only think of the programmes that are on offer there; however, Roeselare itself has plenty more to offer than interesting programmes and the world famous Rodenbach beer they serve there.

Roeselare is really located in the heart of West Flanders, so wherever you come from, you're guaranteed to come there. Whether you're on the spot or commuting, there's something for everyone in the city. Roeselare is one large outdoor shopping mall, so you can shop to your heart's content in the many shops in your free time. You'll find everything the modern student could want and or need: trendy shoes, an organic banana, a fresh Rodenbach ... In the Ooststraat, the Jan Mahieustraat, the Manestraat, the Wallenstraat and the Sint-Amandstraat you will find authentic boutiques, trendy design shops as well as the trusted brands. For the small and the big hunger you can go to the Grote Markt, the Zuidstraat, the Vlamingstraat and the Iepersestraat.

If you are completely satisfied, then you can relax in the city park in the Noordstraat before you start the evening. Unless you prefer to stick around on that terrace of course! To quench your intellectual hunger, we advise you to go to the university of applied sciences, but to quench your physical thirst afterwards, you would do well to enjoy yourself in a café with your friends on the Polenplein or the Botermarkt. There you spend hours having philosophical discussions or just dancing throught the night. Actually, you'll find pubs and dance cafes all over Roeselare. However, if you want to experience something cultural, you can enjoy a performance in De Spil. Would you rather watch a movie? The Cityscope-movie theatre is nearby!

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