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Ostend is the queen of the Belgian seaside towns, but that does not mean that the city only focuses on the tourists that come for the beaches. Ostend is a modern city and during the day you will find everything you need as a student. In the Kapellestraat, the Adolf Buylstraat, the Belle Epoquewijk 'Petit Paris' or the Alfons Pieterslaan you will find both trendy design shops and the trusted brands. Not to mention the various little boutiques that are hidden away in the side streets.   

Ostend has a wide range of bistros and restaurants for culinary delights, but you can also go there for a quick bite near your campus. Don't worry: there more than just fish on the menu.  Another thing that might be handy for those students that arrive on Sundays: here, the shops are open on Sundays.  

Bad weather? Don't worry, the Kinepolis-movie theatre is nearby. Or would you prefer to do something more active, like watching a performance at the Kursaal or the brand new cultural centre De Grote Post or enjoy a concert at the Krush Club? Maybe you prefer to stay on a terrace in Langestraat to quench your thirst? There's more to do than you'll have time for!

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