F.L.O.W.S. - Focus on Healthy Life, Organisations and Well-being in Society

1st semester (Autumn) at VIVES Kortrijk

In health care organisations, in education, in applied social community services but also in enterprises and companies, the commitment to well-being, positive health and vitality management seems to become more than just a hot topic! Creating connections, active dialogue capacity building and healthy life style interventions contribute to and are key components for a pro-active, preventive and sustainable society.

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Commit yourself to well-being, positive health and vitality at VIVES
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F.L.O.W.S. is an interdisciplinary minor for students Applied Social Studies, Health Care, Education and Well-being and Vitality Management.

Key words: positive health, social health care, prevention, intervention mapping, healthy lifestyle, well-being and involvement, good practices, social skills/connection (convict prevention, aggression, bullying) and coaching.

Study F.L.O.W.S. - Focus on Healthy Life, Organisations and Well-being in Society

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At the end of the F.L.O.W.S. course, in the context of the international classroom, the participants

  • will be able to explain the variety in active and healthy lifestyles within Europe

  • will know the influence of the EU and/or other global organisations on the flow of an active and healthy lifestyle

  • will be able to interpret and give information about the health care organisation and health care settings in Belgium

  • will have expanded their own international competences in a personal and professional way

  • will organise a health care session to improve and/or motivate the healthy lifestyle in a specific population group

  • will solve a specific case, working within an interdisciplinary group of students

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New Programme

The lecturers of Applied Social Studies in Kortrijk, Education in Bruges, Kortrijk and Torhout, Health Care in Bruges, Kortrijk and Roeselare and Well-being and Vitality Management in Kortrijk, are proud to present you the programme: F.L.O.W.S. This programme (30 ects) is developed for incoming students from our partner universities and university colleges, with which we have an interinstitutional agreement, as well as our own students. 


  • Global Sustainability and engagement - 5 ects
  • Introduction and Vision on Health, Health Prevention, Coaching and Entrepeneurship - 4 ects
  • Behavioural and Environmental Changes towards a Healthy Life and Wellbeing in Society - 3 ects
  • Active Life Style and Health - 3 ects
  • Stress Prevention and Management in Organisations, Training in Detection and Coaching - 3 ects
  • Integrated Interdisciplinary Project - 12 ects

Welcome to Kortrijk: studying and living

Welcome to the VIVES campus Kortrijk for the international classroom courses. Kortrijk ( discover-kortrijk) is a city where you can enjoy the heritage of the past and where at the same shopping is fun. The city of approximately 75,000 inhabitants is situated in West-Flanders in Belgium.


What do we offer?

  • A 5 month interdisciplinary program (30 ECTS) in English for students Applied Social Studies (social work, socio-educational care work, public safety and applied psychology), teacher training and health (nursing and midwifery) and business management (more precisely well-being and vitality management).
  • One full semester – autumn semester: September – January
  • Flow to a healthy lifestyle starting throughout the lifespan from pre-birth over early childhood, childhood, adolescence, adulthood till active seniors and elderly.
  • Interdisciplinary classroom
  • Focus on international competences
  • An enthusiastic teaching staff
  • Highly qualified mentors for practical experience (traineeship)

The program aims to be a balanced mixture of theory, research, practice, reflectionand personal work focusing on the ow to a healthy lifestyle starting throughout the lifespan from pre-birth over early childhood, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, till the active seniors and the elderly.