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Manned Aviation

Bachelor in Aviation, major Aeronautical Engineering, minor Manned Aviation at VIVES North

As an aviation technician specialised in manned aviation, you repair and maintain the technology inside airplanes and helicopters.

Deepen your knowledge in the technology of airplanes, helicopters, and drones
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Manned Aviation is a minor with the Aeronautical Engineering major of the bachelor’s degree Aviation.

Deepen your knowledge in helicopter and propeller systems, airplane maintenance, airplane production techniques, avionics, turbine engines, and aviation legislation. You’ll finish your degree with a national or international internship and a bachelor's thesis, which can also be part of an international project.

Students from all over Europe fly in to Ostend to deepen their knowledge in manned aviation technology. Our unique location is the Flemish Aviation Training Centre (VLOC), is a direct neighbour of Ostend International Airport.

At our VLOC campus, you will learn everything about the technology of airplanes, helicopters, and drones. The approach in this EASA-structured programme is based on active learning and competence-focused training. In the first year, you will receive a good mix of theory and aviation practice with labs and practice sessions. In the second year, you will work independently in small groups and learn everything about the system structure of an airplane. In the final year, you will acquire advanced knowledge of modern aviation technology with an option to explore the world of drones.

You can choose your own two-month aviation internship in Flanders or abroad with Erasmus+. You can also complete your entire last semester of the programme abroad at our partner universities in the ATAERA network.

Belgian military Agusta H22 helicopter and a F16 jetmotor

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In this unique bachelor's degree programme, you will learn everything about airplane, helicopter and drone technology. Your courses include aerodynamics, computer-aided aviation design, aviation physics, aircraft electronics, and aircraft sensors. During the programme, we make full use of the available helicopters, sport planes, glider, commercial airliner, jet engines and simulators on campus.

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Studying abroad

Do you love an international challenge? We consider it important to give you the opportunity to gain international experience and broaden your perspective on professional possibilities. If you want to become an engaged global citizen, internationalisation is an essential part of your programme.

You can choose your own two-month aviation internship in Flanders or abroad with Erasmus+. You can also complete your entire last semester of the programme abroad at our partner universities in the ATAERA network.

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My dream is to deliver packages with small aircraft in the United States. Because my parents want me to be able to repair my own plane if I’m stranded in the middle of nowhere, this programme is entirely my cup of tea.

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Job opportunities

  • Helicopter technician
  • Aircraft structures technician
  • Propeller engine technician
  • Maintenance planner
  • Quality controller
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