International Staff Week 2024 at Commercial Sciences, Business Management and Applied Informatics (CSBMI)

The International Staff Week 2024 will be held from Monday 18 to Friday 22 November 2024, in Kortrijk, Belgium.

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Your network

We annually have close to 40 people from at least 15 different countries taking part in our International Staff Week. Needless to say that this event gives you the opportunity to extend your personal international network.

In the course of the week, visits and meetings will take place with foreign and local colleagues, local government and business people. By tradition, on Thursday we organize an excursion and a farewell dinner, both an excellent opportunity to meet with all the other guests.


This teaching mobility can be financed by ERASMUS+ through your institution’s International Office provided there is an Erasmus+ agreement between your institution and VIVES (B KORTRIJ 01). If there is no Erasmus+ agreement at present, but you would like to have one drawn up, please contact Karolien Plancke, head of the Global Engagement Office at VIVES-Commercial Sciences, Business Management and Applied Informatics.

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Your workshop

As a guest lecturer, you are free to present a business-related topic of your choice to our second year undergraduate students. Your 3-hour practical and interactive workshop should include:

  • an introductory seminar in which you present yourself and introduce your topic
  • a teamwork assignment (a relevant business case or task related to your topic)
  • presentations of the teamwork results
  • your feedback on the presentations by the students

International Fair

Your presence is also required at the International Fair held on Wednesday late afternoon. This annual event is an opportunity to promote academic exchanges in general and your home institution in particular, to both our local and our Erasmus students.

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Our students

Students are free to register for a workshop of their choice. They are undergraduates in Business or Organisation & Management, Wellbeing and Vitality Management or in Applied Informatics. Your three-hour programme will be scheduled twice to two different groups of about 20 students, which you can divide into 4 or 5 teams for the case study/assignment.

You are likely to have students from different programmes, which will result in mixed teams and allow different perspectives and skills. Should you have questions about the feasibility of or time needed for the task, don’t hesitate to ask.


Lynn Tanghe

Karolien Plancke

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Online registration is possible until Sunday 29 September 2024. Acceptance of your proposal will be confirmed no later than Wednesday, 3 October.

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Field of work

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