VIVES is there for you

With a solid bachelor degree or exchange experience in your pocket, we guarantee you great job security: 96% of our graduates find work within a year - no university of applied sciences in Flanders performs better. But more than that: at VIVES we prepare you not only for that first job, but also for the ever-changing professional landscape of the 21st century. We make sure that you are prepared not only for the world of today, but also and especially for the world of tomorrow.

Perhaps you would like to get to know us better too? Drop by one of our info moments or just during class days to soak up the real VIVES atmosphere, an atmosphere of drive, connection and innovation. VIVES is there for you. See you soon?

Joris Hindryckx, algemeen directeur VIVES Hogeschool

VIVES for you works

With over 17 000 students we are one of the largest Universities of Applied Sciences in Flanders. Our wide array of studies in six fields of study are tailored to your skills and interests as a future student.

Joris Hindryckx,

President of VIVES University of Applied Sciences.

VIVES has campuses in Bruges, Kortrijk, Ostend, Roeselare and Torhout. Fourteen student clubs help ensure a lively student life on and around the campuses. Why do we mention this right away? Because your student time should (and will) be an unforgettable one. While getting your degree, you get the chance to make new friendships for life and build a network of future professionals. That is why we place great importance on close contact between students and teachers and various forms of student support. As we said, we like to get to know you.